Sports Dentistry


If you or your child love sports then it is vital you have good dental protection.

Dr Bell, an avid rugby lover himself, is fully trained in making custom fitted, protective sports mouth guards for children and adults.

At International Dental, we also provide care and treatment after trauma or an accident to the teeth, face and jaws. Please contact us immediately if you or a family member has an accident – we are here to help.

A protective mouth guard, will shield your teeth, lips, jaws and jaw joints from damage caused on the sports field. Research also shows that it can help reduce possible concussion trauma.

Yes! We will give you a choice of colours so you can stand out on the sports field!

Professionally made and fitted sports mouth guards are far more effective at protecting your teeth and helping to prevent sports injuries than thinner, shop bought ones.

Firstly, breathe and stay calm! Then find the tooth, and any pieces of it. If you can put it in saline, that helps enormously. If your child is old enough –pop it in their cheek for safe keeping, or you can put it in milk. Do not wash the tooth or scrub it as that can damage the fibres on the root of the tooth. Then call us to help!

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