Cosmetic Dentistry


Have a confident smile

At International Dental, we are happy to discuss with you our range of procedures that will enhance the look of your teeth and thus your whole smile and face.

Teeth Whitening

We use the latest whitening techniques that provide quick results without damaging the teeth themselves or the soft tissue. Dr Bell will advise the best whitening treatment specifically for your teeth on your visit.


These thin porcelain shells are custom fitted to improve the colour, position, and shape of your teeth. This is a great way to get straighter, whiter teeth whilst being able to conserve your tooth structure. We will discuss with you the look you want and, on approval, will use the highest quality porcelain to give you the perfect smile you want and deserve.

porcelain-veneers why choose


This minimally invasive, pain-free procedure does not damage the teeth. It involves a composite resin being applied to improve the teeth’s shape and appearance. It works in incidences of uneven teeth, closing of gaps, or for those wanting to change the appearance of their smile.

Let us brighten your smile!