Children's Dentistry


Make it a fun experience

We are a family dentist and welcome all ages to the clinic. Dr Bell, a father himself, knows how to make children feel relaxed and comfortable in the dentist chair. They can sit back and watch the overhead TV to distract them during their visit or listen to their favourite tunes.

We help your child implement good oral hygiene routines from their first appointment, around the age of 3 years, all the way through to adulthood. Six monthly appointments are recommended which allow us to monitor all the stages in your child’s mouth as they grow. We can then detect issues early on.

Yes. Babies can also grow teeth that are too close to one another and cause plaque accumulation, which can lead to cavities. Early flossing creates good habits throughout life.

Children’s dental care helps your child develop good oral habits from an early age. We recommend that children begin visiting the dentist at the age of 3 years.

Oral hygiene is just as important for children as it is for adults and to get them into good habits they should visit every six months. It also lets us monitor the health of their teeth as they grow.

We know it can be quite daunting for a child’s first visit (and quite stressful for the parent!) so will make you and your child feel as welcome and relaxed as possible. We will gently have a look at your child’s teeth to ensure everything is healthy, without causing any undue stress. We are very used to children and so will make it as fun as possible for them. We are also happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

These are a non-invasive method to protect teeth which may be prone to cavity formation. This can be due to poor enamel quality or deep grooves on teeth. We will discuss with you the options available.

An X-ray allows us to examine areas between the teeth or within the jaw bone which otherwise cannot be assessed. There are key stages where X-rays are required to monitor dental development and assess whether orthodontic or restorative treatment is required.

Yes. As soon as your dental visit is over, the filling is ready to be used as normal. However, you may still experience numbness for a short time which will require more concentration when you eat and drink!

You sure can! We give you a choice of colours to stand out on the sports field.

Firstly, stay calm. Find the tooth, and any pieces of it. If you can put it in saline, that helps enormously. Alternatively, if your child is old enough – pop it in their cheek for safe keeping, or you can put it in milk. Do not wash the tooth or scrub it as that can damage the fibres on the root of the tooth. Then call us!

From about the age of 7 years, problems such as crowding or bite issues can be detected. These can affect a child’s growth and development. Even though some children may not have certain permanent teeth yet, problems can be identified from around that age.

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