Wisdom Teeth


How necessary is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

There isn’t enough room in our mouths for wisdom teeth because our jaws don’t grow large enough to have the space for them to come through the gums. Since there is no space for wisdom teeth to erupt properly, they tend to come in at an angle or they don’t fully emerge which causes problems for the rest of the mouth.

Dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth before they become a problem and to avoid a more complicated surgery later on.

As part of your routine dental visit your dentist will assess and monitor your wisdom teeth growth and position.

Best time to get Wisdom Teeth Removed

Before the root is fully formed.

If the root develops fully, it is more difficult to do the extraction than when only the crown molars have developed.

At the start of summer break.

The procedure can be done when life is less busy, your health is good and you have someone there to take care of you. For most people this time is during one of the summer breaks at school. It is especially easier if you have a trusted dentist looking after your mouth so that you are not calling someone unknown in an emergency. Wisdom teeth complications are known to happen right before major life events, like a big exam, work deadlines, or travel – so don’t delay!

What kind of Anesthesia Should I choose

We will advise the best and most suitable option at your dental appointment.

Options include

  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Sedation anaesthesia (the most popular with a qualified and trusted anesthesiologist administering the anaesthesia who is present before, during and after the procedure)
  • Nitrous and local anesthesia

At International Dental we have a host of “Top Tips” for preparation, during the procedure and recovery time – this includes pre and post op preparation which aids in your recovery.

We discuss your personalized plan at your consultation.

Recovery Time

Typically about one week. Sometimes recovery can be as short as four days but that is usually for straightforward surgery cases with no impaction or complications.

Your recovery time will depend on:

  • What type of anesthesia you choose
  • Your nutrition during recovery
  • Preventing a dry socket and Infection
  • Post operative review appointment

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