Periodontal Dentistry

Periodontal Dentistry

Gum disease

At International Dental, we know that having a healthy mouth is important – not just for your appearance but also your overall wellness. If you are suffering from gum disease, or periodontal disease as it is known by, your gum tissues will be inflamed and infected. We will work with you to treat it effectively and educate you to ensure that you prevent problems again in the future. With periodontal disease linked to diabetes, low birth weights/preterm births, coronary disease and respiratory disease, to name a few, it is important to get early treatment.

Good long term oral health, along with regular examinations and deep cleans are the best way to ensure against periodontal issues.

Every patient is different. We will discuss with you your oral health and your specific needs. If your teeth are well maintained and in great health, then you will not need the same level of cleaning.

This is like a good spring clean on your teeth where bacteria, tarter and other debris that has built up under the gum line can be effectively removed

No. With our gentle approach, it will be as pain free as possible.

Yes. There can be other reasons to have bad breath, but if you have gum disease, you will have bad breath.

Yes. Good oral hygiene habits at home and regular dental visits are essential in taking care of your oral health and overall wellbeing. It also assists with early detection and prevention of gum related issues, including Gingivitis. Gingivitis is the initial phase of gum disease and results in red bleeding gums when brushed and flossed; it is reversible with good oral hygiene and dental treatment.

Twice a day! I know many of us find it a chore to floss that amount but plaque accumulation between our teeth cannot be removed any other way. Gently slide the floss between each tooth (even those hard to reach back ones), moving down just below the gum line which loosens the plaque film. This can then be completely removed with brushing

No! Mouth rinse can be part of your oral hygiene routine but not a substitute for flossing. It does not remove the plaque between your teeth in the same way as flossing, which disrupts the plaque film and exposes the bacteria, making it easier to remove.

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