Needing the advanced menu?



This is the more complex part of the wide array of services we offer. It’s the part that takes the most skill, dedication to master and training… especially to do well.


Here is a brief outline of some of the available services that may help you:

·         Digital Smile Design. This is a brilliant way to we can plan your best smile, enable you to be part of the planning and see why certain changes can make a big difference to the outcome. You can even trial what your new smile will look like in your mouth!

·         Fast Tooth Straightening. This is where the front teeth can be straightened often in as little 3 months! Great for those wanting to get a great smile faster. There are several systems on the market though we find CFast to be the most versatile technique.

·         Sculpting. A wonderful inexpensive treatment that can rapidly transform your smile and give that little tweak to enhance and make the smile more youthful. Almost everyone can benefit from this, it just needs a dentist with a good eye for detail.

·         Laser Gum Lifts. Should your teeth look a bit short or you are have a gummy smile, this is a simple rapid and painless technique that works for most people! Usually this is better done before whitening.

·         Implants. These are to replace missing teeth. Titanium screws replace the roots of missing teeth and new porcelain teeth are attached to them. Most people prefer these to having dentures or bridges.

·         Veneers. These are an amazing way to rapidly change the shape and colour of the teeth. Ideally we want them as thin as a contact lens and they are placed over teeth a bit like a false nail sits on a finger. These can be ugly or beautiful, aggressive or conservative… depending on the skill and knowledge of the dentist and the technician crafting them. Veneers can be made of white filling material or more usually from porcelain. Within reason, they can pretty much be any colour or shape you desire! Sometimes ultra conservative veneers are placed without needing to alter the tooth at all!

·         Crowns and Bridges. Crowns are simply like a cap that fits over a tooth and bridges are the same but used to replace missing teeth. Generally they are pretty aggressive on the tooth, fortunately more conservative options are now available at International Dental… to protect what tooth you have remaining!

·         Dentures. These are a cheaper way to rapidly replace some or all of the teeth.

·         Root canal Therapy. This is when the nerve (pulp) inside a tooth dies and the centre of the tooth is cleaned out and filled with a sterile biocompatible material.

Whichever you need, at International Dental we will ensure you get the best information and options available to ensure you can put your best smile forward! We look forward to meeting you and helping you discover what modern dentistry can now offer you.