Health and what it’s all about?


You and the family!

Your overall health will always be our primary goal though we naturally focus on your oral health. (We especially want to know about your jaw joints, glands, facial area, teeth, gums, skull, tongue and all the tissue in your mouth.) Bringing the best of overseas standards for you, an International Dental comprehensive check-up includes seeing:

1.       About any concerns or questions you have, are explored and answered

2.       That you are very happy about the look and feel of your mouth and smile

3.       That your jaw joint works properly with no pain or clicking

4.       Your lymph glands are not swollen and saliva glands aren’t blocked

5.       Your facial skin has no lumps or signs of cancer and your eyes have a normal appearance

6.       Your skin(mucosa) in the mouth is normal and healthy

7.       That your bite feels balanced and you can chew well

8.       That your teeth and gums are in peak condition

9.       Do you know how to brush ideally… and what’s the latest?

10.   That any general health questions you have and you are referred to the appropriate specialist if needed.

With your mouth we want to look at more than is common in the industry! International Dental was set up to raise standards and awareness.

…So how does this affect you? Sure you need to know if there is tooth decay (cavities) or gum disease and you should expect it done well and to a very high quality… but it’s also critical for you to know why it happened and how to prevent it! These days, life expectancy in first world countries is now 90 years old! You should expect your teeth to last till then also. Our responsibility is to work with you to achieve this goal.

It never ceases to surprise me how often we find problems in people’s mouths that have been there for years… even when people are having regular check-ups! So what are some of the things you should look for? Here are a few things you can look for…

1.       Are you aware of bleeding gums or bad breath?

2.       Do you regularly get food stuck between your teeth?

3.       Do they just seem more yellow than they used to…?

4.       Are you always seeming to get fillings or crowns every visit?

5.       Do you have lots of big black metal fillings?

6.       Have you noticed any lumps or colour changes?

7.       Do your gums seem swollen, puffy or quite red?

8.       Do you have a pain or ache that doesn’t seem to go?

9.       Are you getting lots of sores in the corners of your lips?

10.   Do your front teeth seem worn down, shorter or less attractive than they used to?


Another very important area is how you feel about your smile… maybe you are ok with it but I have to ask… how would a stunning smile change the quality of your life and confidence?  Numerous studies and my own experience with patients is that it helps pretty much everyone… should this be important to you, ensure you are informed about the latest in techniques and craftsmanship!