Feeling Nervous visiting a Dentist?

Many people feel at least a little anxiety when visiting the dentist! Fortunately there are a great many ways to assist people so that they can still enjoy the numerous benefits modern dentistry has to offer…

It’s a given that your dental team should be warm and friendly and that the rooms should be relaxing. With you in mind, the team at International Dental has worked hard to ensure the right people are employed to provide a relaxing positive atmosphere. Experience has shown that when patients feel more at ease and in control of their choices and also have great faith and trust in their dentist, then most of the anxiety fades away. Ensure that it doesn’t hurt! We will help you to understand your options while feeling as relaxed as we possibly can. For those that nothing works, there is always intra-venous sedation where a specialist anaesthetist will come and assist you to sleep through your appointments.

Of course for some people it’s the feeling of embarrassment. Maybe you haven’t been to a dentist for 20 years or the appearance of your teeth has led you to feel that way. No problem… after all that’s why we are here! Let’s help you to get a plan together and work though it so that you have a confident attractive smile and don’t need to feel embarrassment any longer!

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