What Does Your Smile Say About You?

“Beauty draws us in. We can’t stop looking or listening or touching. It takes us outside ourselves and it motivates us. It’s essential to life and to happiness.” — Nancy Etcoff

Numerous studies have shown that over the long term smiling can benefit your health, the perception of you at work, your social life and even romantic status.  With that much at stake, it’s worthwhile looking at what your smile is saying about you. At Killarney Dental we have helped numerous people by improving the health and appearance of their smiles and regularly see big changes in their confidence, posture and attractiveness. For many it has been life changing. Additionally there are numerous direct benefits from a having a healthy mouth and smile such as:

  • A healthy dentition (set of teeth) allows for a wider variety of more healthy food types and cooking styles to benefit your diet. We regularly find people who have reduced the type of food they eat (such as meat, raw vegetables and fruit) because their teeth are too sore or food jams between their teeth. Healthy eating enables us to obtain the right balance of minerals, vitamins and nutrients and makes healthy weight maintenance easier.
  • We are finding an increasingly unhealthy amount of damage to teeth from acid damage which dissolves and weakens the teeth. Common examples are reflux which most sufferers are unaware they have, RTDs, soft drinks, fruit acid, juices, alcohol, and dry mouth (even from exercise!) Sadly most people are unaware of it.
  • It sets a better example to children.
  • Unhealthy teeth and gums can look unsightly which detracts from the impact of your smile or can lead to self-consciousness so people hide their smile. Healthy smiles allow for better more confident smiles. Being self-conscious about our smile or teeth (smile anxiety) can therefore make life more challenging.
  • Apart from being the main reason for bad breath, unhealthy gums are now linked to heart disease, tying up our immune system, premature birth weights, spreading unhealthy bacteria throughout the body, etc.
  • It simply looks and feels better!


One interesting study I came across showing the benefit of a smile, followed a group of people for 30 years. Those who displayed genuinely happy smiles in their school yearbook photos went on to have happier marriages and greater wellbeing. In the same study, a group of strangers looked at the same photos and reported their assumptions about the people’s personalities. Those who smiled were judged to be more positive and competent than those who didn’t. It has also been shown in many studies that the mere act of smiling can make us feel happier. It seems nothing has more power to elevate out mood than the impact of a genuine smile. Some studies have even shown that laughter and smiling can boost the immune system, improve blood flow, release stress relieving hormones and reduce anxiety. Its common when we see someone grinning from ear to ear to smile ourselves… smiles can inspire.

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