How to Find a Good Dentist


Looking for a great dentist? With so many dentists to choose from it can be a daunting task to find the right one for you and your teeth. Referrals from friends are a good start but their situation may be very different from yours. Internet marketing and search engine tricks may lead to someone who isn’t all they are “cracked up to be.” Like with any profession or trade if you just want something to tide you over then it probably doesn’t matter who you visit. Should you be more discerning in terms of quality, appearance and longevity of your dental work then much more care and attention needs to be given to your choice.

Things to Consider:

  • The dentist should show a deep and sincere interest in you and your needs
  • Is there a friendly atmosphere with the staff and what is the general ambience of the surgery? How does it all make you feel? Do you feel more like a number or a person?
  • Some dentists are great at more basic work yet have limited additional training in more complex situations. You don’t want your mouth to be the one chosen to try things on!
  • Is the location convenient? Having said that, when you find the right person the extra travel is more than worthwhile. We treat numerous people from around the globe who tie in visits dental visits with us when they visit family back in NZ.
  • Do you want just limited life “patching” of problems or an understanding of why situations occur, how to treat them properly and prevent more from happening?
  • Ensure the check-up is detailed, thorough and addresses all your concerns and that the advice meets your expectations.
  • Price is often a consideration though it is worse to pay twice to have something fixed that could have been done better in the first place. Even worse is if shortcomings in the work lead to more widespread issues that need fixing. One of the saddest situations I encounter is redoing someone’s cosmetic dentistry because it was poorly planned.
  • Make sure you have a detailed estimate of costs and potential risks with all treatment plans.
  • Rather than purchased before and after images, look to see work by the dentist you are considering. Have they experience in situations like yours and can show you examples that are similar?
  • I’ve also seen a lot of dental work which is well done and sound but does little to nothing to enhance people’s appearance.
  • It’s very important that you understand why things need doing in your mouth so that you can help make an informed decision on what is needed and what isn’t.
  • If you want your dental work to last and also look stunning, then also ensure your dentist is meticulous and preferably has artistic flair

High-quality dental work usually lasts a very long time, whereas low-quality work may fall out or decay out in a few years. The price of dental work is not the best way to judge quality; rather, pay attention to the time the dentist takes to do the work. High-quality dentistry cannot be done assembly-line style; it takes time and meticulous attention to detail. Should you have any further questions or like a second opinion, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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