Veneer Grinding

Veneer Grinding

Over the last few months we’ve had several patients who have come to us for help with fractured porcelain veneers on their front teeth. This article is to help you avoid some of the pitfalls if you are considering this type of dentistry.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain placed over teeth to improve their shape, colour and often strength. They can be life changing for people by enabling them with the confidence that comes with a striking smile and leaving behind the self-conscious feelings they used to have. Assuming that they are beautifully sculpted and with their ideal colour, you can imagine how someone feels to have them crack and break. One patient we treated recently came to us because she had three sets of veneers fail, the last set hadn’t even lasted 18 months!

The most common reason for veneers to fail is from tooth grinding (also called bruxing) which usually happens while people are sleeping. Most people and their partners are unaware of this destructive habit but soon become all too aware of breaking dentistry. Some visual signs of grinding to look for are front teeth chipping are looking shorter or uneven. Often because of this worn look to the teeth from grinding, people have veneers placed which results in a big improvement to their smile. Unfortunately in a great many situations the underlying grinding problem isn’t sorted first and so the damage that happened to the teeth then happens to the veneers. Understanding tooth grinding and its range of underlying causes is a complicated area of dentistry which requires a great deal of advanced training and knowledge for dentists to master. All too often veneers are placed without adequate planning and knowledge leading to embarrassing and costly disasters when they fail. Properly constructed and adjusted to your bite, veneers should last many years and often decades.

Should you be considering the options available to you with cosmetic dentistry or are aware of tooth grinding, come and talk to us at Killarney Dental for a full and detailed analysis of your bite and options.

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